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Debt Consolidation is the act of combining various debts into one, single debt. The purpose is not only to simplify your repayments, but also to lower your overall monthly payments. If you have unsecured debt with high interest rates, such as credit card bills, store cards, or personal loans; there are many benefits of debt consolidation.


While we do not encourage the rolling of your credit cards, car loans, installment loans, etc. into your mortgage, in many instances, it gives a customer peace of mind.  Due to the numerous changes in the mortgage industry in the past several years, the debt consolidation process would involve the refinancing of your current mortgage.


If you have mounting debt that is becoming unmanageable, it is time to consider your debt consolidation options. The friendly staff at Equisouth Mortgage offer a number of solutions to help you better manage your finances for debt freedom. We understand that each person’s financial situation is unique. That is why we work on a one-on-one basis to create a solution specifically for you.


It can happen to anyone...


You use a credit card to pay a bill. You open a new store card for the initial discount, and then over time build a high balance. You take out a personal loan, and the interest piles up. Pretty soon, you’re only making the minimum payment, and it feels like you’ll never get out from under all the debt. Debt consolidation might the answer.

Are your interest payments piling up?

Debt consolidation doesn’t just simplify repayments; it can also lower your overall monthly payments, so the debt can be paid off more quickly. While we don’t encourage the rolling of your credit cards or other loans into your mortgage, in many instances, it can help you get peace of mind.  Because the mortgage industry has changed considerably in the past several years, this debt consolidation process would involve the refinancing of your current mortgage.

You can roll your debts into your mortgage

If you feel as though your debt is becoming a serious problem, the experts at Equisouth Mortgage, Inc. can help you explore your options. We know that your financial situation is unique, and we have the experience and expertise to help you find the best solution. We can also help with refinancing and mortgage service.

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